Paper Model


This site details the construction of a 1/4 scale Mercury Capsule. Its assumed the builder has some experience with card modeling. If not, check the internet for some card modeling sites. At least build some models from Dan’s Delta 7 Studio. This model was started to verify part designs for the full scale model and has kind of taken a life of it’s own. There are LOTS of pieces and the instructions may not be the greatest so if you decide to build one, be patient. This project will probably never get detailed to the level many builders want. There are no wires, switches, levers, and other small removable parts. The build was started just to help with a full size capsule project. Please don’t e-mail me and ask me when its going to be finished. You are welcome to e-mail with other questions.

I’m not sure how to handle posting all these files but I’ll try to keep them updated if errors crop up.  There has been a few parts and files added to the pull-down tabs above under Paper Model that may not show up below. Let me know if something doesn’t work or you have any problems.

Main Structure Antenna Fairing Recovery Section Builder Photos

Periscope Shingle Map