X-40A Build

Here are the basic templates to build the 1/10 scale X-40A as an R/C glider. The instructions are crude and assume an above average level of skill. The model is not difficult to fly but is probably best for an intermediate to advanced pilot. I’ll try to answer questions and would appreciate build photos to update this site. There are not too many construction photos as I have only built one and didn’t worry about taking pictures as I built it.

Boeing1 Some graphics I threw together

Fuse1a (updated Nov 8, 2011) The main fuselage template. Print all the pages and tape them together for a template.

Template1a (updated Nov 8, 2011) Misc stuff I had to draw for the instruction set.

Nose1 That crazy nose derived from a paper model. I hope I don’t step on any toes here. After all, I’m sharing for free!

Wing1 The only useful thing here is the tailplane template. The calculations are from when I was scaling from photographs. The wing shown is the scale size. Its enlarged 125% in Wing3. Only a really brave or really crazy person would fly the scale wing 🙂

Wing2 This is the goofy shaped upper surface. Remember, I just copied what I had. Cut to the outside line.

Wing3 Just as the note on the wing says.

Logos2 The only useful thing here is the Star and Bar I drew for this model. I printed it on address label and stuck it on the wing.

X40A Instructions The instructions. I wish I had more build photos. If someone builds one, send me some photos so we can do a better job here 🙂

The logos sheets are for reference. You can print them on clear stock or white stock and cut them out. I later did them in vinyl. Its a fun build and its really fun to fly.

Rev 2 notes: I moved the CG forward. Check the last paragraph of the instructions for details. The final answer (for now) is 14.4 mm ahead of the wing TE.

Let me know if you need more help. Have fun!


X-37 Conversion notes

One day I would like to build a 1/10 scale X-37 with retracts and speed brake. It will have a plastic nose. But until then, you could use these files to build an X-37 variant. You will need to modify the aft bulkhead as the 37  didn’t have the up-sloping ramp. The sides flared the same, just not the top. Otherwise, a different color scheme and you will have a pretty nice 1/14 ish scale X-37. You could do the X-37A which flew from the White Knight or the X-37B that flew in space. I hope someone sticks a rocket motor in it and sends me pictures!