Main Structure

This set of files is for the main structure. The instructions are probably not as good as the Antenna Fairing but you should be able to follow along. There are almost 500 pieces to this structure. If you build it like the photos, you’ll need to punch out and glue on an additional 240 fasteners on the lower clamp ring. Let me know how it goes. I suspect there are some errors…

The original Card4x and Card5x files are in color. You don’t want to print them this way.  You can change the settings in your PDF program to print in black only. I also added a new folder of just the panels with black ink. This is probably the better way to go.

The first file is a simple spreadsheet that will help track the parts. I have also included one large zip file that has all the parts instead of downloading them one at a time. The Revised Zip file is just the panels in black ink.


Main Structure.doc


Revised Panels in Black Ink  (added 10/1/12)